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We’ve done a case study and researched a number of top lingerie businesses to see what we could tell you about great lingerie businesses. The one we’ve put in the spot light this time is which was established many years ago and focuses on the UK market.

quality lingerie1. Quality Lingerie

Obviously the core of a successful business is good products. have a selection of really lovely top quality products which are made from luxurious silks, chiffons and lace. It’s so refreshing to see different lingerie designer’s items to choose from. They have a selection of lingerie items in different price ranges so there’s something to suit every budget.

2. Easy Shopping Lingerie Website

Another important thing which contributes considerably to the success of an online business is a good / intuitive website. Well think about it: there’s little point in trying to sell online if you  have a website which makes it difficult or impossible to find what you’re looking for. We’ve tested the website and find it’s nice to use and easy to find what we were looking for.

3. Great Customer Service

Last but not least, only lingerie businesses with fabulous customer service will survive in the long run. We spoke to the team at and here’s what they consider for customer service:

  • Fast dispatch of orders
  • Helpful service for customers with pre-sale questions
  • Efficient post-sales customer service

Don’t just take our word for it, check out their lingerie.

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Starting a Lingerie Boutique / Shop

lingerie shop

Brooklyn Fox Shop Layout

So you’re thinking of opening your own lingerie boutique? The first thing to think about is what to sell. Take a look at our types of lingerie to get some inspiration. Think sexy lingerie like babydolls and stockings or neglegees. Opening a lingerie boutique can be a great deal of fun if you’re doing this because you’re creative and have a genuine love of clothing and pretty lingerie. Running a business requires patience, hard work and a motivated attitude.

Most lingerie business owners consider their lingerie boutique their ‘baby’ and invest much time, money, energy, love and dedication. This enthusiasm leaks through into the business and makes their lingerie items more appealing to customers than that of their competitors.

lingerie shopLingerie designers have also successfully opened their own lingerie boutiques, it’s not just independent retailers that have done this. Lingerie designer collections can be sold in your own boutique as well as sold to more exclusive lingerie boutiques.

Competition can be an enormous factor when you’re getting into lingerie retail so try to offer something which stands out from the crowd: offer products that stand out or satisfy a problem that customers are experiencing (such as fuss-free shopping, easy returns etc.

Useful advice to help you succeed as a lingerie boutique owner can be found by googling for advice on starting a retail business. The strategies and concepts are the same. Above all remember that to succeed, you’ll need to look after your customers.

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Lingerie Export Tips

lingerie exportThere is a lot of competition that you have to face as a lingerie exporter and it is just as hard to get started with lingerie export. If you have decided to opt for a particular type of lingerie that hasn’t been exploited yet, the chances are you may still face  tough competition. See our ‘types of lingerie‘ for inspiration. The main challenge for anyone exporting lingerie is to find regular buyers for their lingerie.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Find Buying Agents

Buying agents do come at a price: you have to pay them finders fees and/or commissions. However they can get really amazing lingerie export opportunities for you. If you can afford it then do investigate this as a priority for your lingerie business: agents are aware of the lingerie market structure and act as an intermediary between the supplier (you) and the buyer. Not only do they bring in business for you but they also take care of the all the contracts etc and can advise you on import/export legislation/duties etc.

Lingerie Products2. Advertise Your Lingerie Products

Advertising is an important aspect of every business and good advertising can make your lingerie business a huge success. These days there are a lot of possibilities for advertising which you can consider: filter opportunities by your requirements and budget. The investment you make into advertising should be recovered within 6-12 months: once you get under people’s noses they will start to buy, and the advertising will pay for itself over the longer term.

3. Make Yourself Seen as a Lingerie Leader/Expert

Attending leading lingerie exhibitions and trade fairs is a fabulous opportunity to get in contact with potential buyers within the lingerie niche, from all over the world. Trade fairs and exhibitions let you display your products in front of variety of interested, established lingerie customers. These lingerie fairs do require a certain investment, however we have heard that you’re likely to recover these costs even by the end of the event. So this is an investment well worth considering for your lingerie venture.

4. Build Your Lingerie Network

Collect and build on your lingerie network: get as many business contacts as you possibly can: it is the fastest way to spread the word about your business and your lovely lingerie products. This kind of marketing is free and this type of ‘word of mouth’ marketing is really effective. Your connections might also have connections in other countries so before you know it you could be launching that lingerie export business in no time.

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Types of Lingerie

french knickers lingerieBabydolls

Babydolls are a two-piece set of lingerie which comprises a sexy top with matching knickers or thong panties. Babydoll lingerie is usually a floaty, feminine design and can be extra naughty with peek-a-boo holes in all the right places

French Knickers

French Knickers are a style of panties: they start from the hip and cover the bum, ending at the thigh. They are loose at the leg without elastic, just like a pair of shorts, and can be trimmed in lace. This piece of underwear is usually made from silk and can be worn with a matching camisole top.

Corsets & Basques

Basques and corsets are very fitted, boned tops and often have attached suspender straps for stockings. The corset is typically figure altering and reduces the woman’s natural waist size.


Bodystockings are what they might indicate they are: a stocking type fabric which covers the entire body. These are usually of the same fabrics that stockings are made of, like stretch laces and fishnets. They too can have peek-a-boo holes in the right places for an extra sensual look

Lace LingerieSuspender Belts

Suspender belts have been around for a long time and were originally designed to hold up a woman’s stockings before elasticated fabrics were used. The belt is worn around the waist and has several straps with small plastic buckle-like fasteners to catch your stockings in and hold them tight.


The camisole top is similar to a chemise but it’s shorter and stops at the waist. This is one piece of lingerie that a lot of women own due to its practical nature: you can wear one of these under a see-through or semi-transparent top. Although originally made as an inner garment, the camisole style top is often designed to wear as an outer garment.


Used for sleeping in, the negligee is a type of nightgown. The difference between a negligee and nightgown is the fabric used: a nightgown can be made of cotton or a warm fleece (for grandmas?), while a negligee is usually made from floaty sheer fabrics such as silk or chiffon. It is usually a lot prettier looking and as such might be trimmed with lace. Negligees were not originally revealing but these days this piece of lingerie is more often than not short, revealing and skimpy.

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